Stock Shipment Delays

The good news is, the cases have been selling very well since launch! In fact, some colors have been selling so well that we’ve run into a bit of an issue, which you can likely discern from the title. 

Plenty of stock has been manufactured, but it has been shipped in two batches: a smaller shipment was sent out, with the intent to start getting cases out the door as soon as possible, while the remainder of the shipment would soon follow. We had anticipated this first shipment to give us two months worth of stock, and seamlessly transition into shipment number two; yet, as mentioned previously, sales have been going very well, and that two months of stock turned out to be a bit less than that. 

As a result, you will notice that all products are being placed on pre-order until May. While we still have some colors in stock, and will continue to fulfill orders as best we can with that available stock, you should anticipate order fulfillment to be delayed until May. Rest assured, once the second part of our shipment arrives, we’ll have plenty of stock to fulfill all pre-orders, and maintain orders for the coming months!

It’s also worth noting, in particular for anyone in the UK or EU, that if you’re in need of any cases and wish to avoid this pre-order window, it’s worth visiting; they are official distributors of our cases, and there’s still some in stock on their end. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience, and we’ll be sure to resume order fulfillment as usual as soon as stock makes its way through our doors!

Thank you for your time and patience.

The Minidisc.Me Team
Stock Shipment Delays