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Some of you might have noticed our MiniDisc cases on; your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you! Band CDs, owners of Retro Style Media, have been working with us as official distributors of our MiniDisc cases; in fact, they are currently the only other place (other than right here) where you can get your hands on our cases. 

While we’ve got you covered for cases, there are a few more steps to be done before you’re left with a finalized MiniDisc album ready for release. While we would be flattered if you deemed our cases to be aesthetically pleasing enough to display your album on its own, we expect there will be some printed material to include in the final product.

The good news is, the cases have been selling very well since launch! In fact, some colors have been selling so well that we’ve run into a bit of an issue, which you can likely discern from the title.

We've received a lot of emails of people wondering when the cases would be available so we thought it was a good time to give a bit of information about the current state of things....

So here it is! After all this time, we've finally managed to pull it off and get the website up and running for MiniDisc Day. Don't get your hopes too high as there is no...